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He wakes up with a superhero in his hand, talks about superheroes all day and goes to sleep to the sounds of the Superhero Squad theme song nearly every night.

For the past three months, our son has been obsessed with all things superheroes… from their powers and abilities to the friends, favorite foods, etc. So, needless to say, we’ve been looking for fun (but easy) superhero crafts to help him practice scissor skills, gluing and just being creative. These superhero paper plate crafts fit the bill!

Superhero Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Easy Superhero Paper Plate Crafts

Wear the masks of your favorite Avengers! You’ll find Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman and Batman. Frugal idea if your kiddo can’t make up his mind about which is his favorite.

As a special treat, watch one of these Marvel movies on Netflix.


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For another version of the green guy, check out this paper plate Hulk mask. He really looks like he’s getting ready to smash something!


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And here are a couple more versions of the superhero paper plate masks. Love the wings on the Captain America mask!


via Pink Stripey Socks

Speaking of Captain America, you can’t have the guy without his shield. Make one in a pinch with a few paper plates.


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Make your own paper plate version of Baymax: the cuddliest superhero around. How cute!


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And here’s a cool Baymax with armour!


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Your spidey senses will be tingling while making this super cool paper plate Spiderman!


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This web spinning activity is a fun party game or activity! Give a prize to the kiddo who completes his/her web first.


via The Party Wall

If you enjoyed these Superhero Paper Plate Crafts, you’ll also like this easy peasy Iron Man toilet paper roll craft.

Iron Man Toilet Paper Tube Craft

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