Ways to Save Money in Spring

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Spring is filled with new beginnings and fresh starts, and it’s the time that everyone starts looking ahead towards summer. While some may be working towards getting bikini ready, are your finances ready? Over the summer there’s so much fun to be had. Barbecues, beach picnics, and vacations are so much fun, but they’re also really expensive! You need to save money in Spring so that you have money to spend in Summer!

Looking for ways to save money in Spring? Check out these helpful resources to help spring clean your finances this Spring season. Ways to Save Money in Spring

Start a Vegetable Garden

One of my favorite ways to save money in Spring is my vegetable garden. By growing your own food in your vegetable garden you can rest assured that it’s organic and high quality, but you’ll also save tons of money doing it! Make sure you also read about how to start a vegetable garden on a budget!

Learn how to start a garden and avoid beginner gardener mistakes.

Spring Cleaning

I don’t know what it is about Spring, but it always inspires us to open the windows, clean out the cobwebs, and go through everything. Put that spring cleaning energy to good use and make some extra money! As you’re going through your things, think carefully about what you can get rid of and how you get rid of it. If something is great, but just not right for you, try to consign it or put it on a buy/sell/trade site in your area. If you don’t feel right charging for it, donate it to a non-profit organization and save your receipt! Trust me, it’ll help once tax time rolls around again!

Thinking of a yard sale? Check out these tips!

Turn Off the Lights!

I love Spring because the weather starts to improve and daylight stays around a bit longer. You know what that means, right? Turn off those lights to save on your electricity bill! Try to keep the lights off until it’s really dark in your house to save the most electricity. To read more about saving electricity, check out this post!

Use Quirky Ways to Save Money

In this post I outlined different quirky or crazy ways to save money that work perfectly for saving money in Spring! From shopping less often to modern price comparison sites, there are tons of techniques that will help you to save more money to have more fun in the sun this Summer!

Try Line Drying

Speaking of better weather, why not try to save money in Spring by line drying? Your clothes dryer uses a ton of electricity, and simply putting in the effort to line dry your clothing could save you a ton of money! Plus, your laundry will never smell quite as good as it does coming down off the line. Just make sure you pay attention to the weather in case it rains! For more ideas about line drying, check out this post from A Proverbs 31 Life.

Check out how to save money on laundry!

Spring Clean Your Finances

There are tons of ways to keep your financial goals at the forefront of your mind after the New Years Resolutions have faded. This post outlines twenty ways to Spring Clean your Finances that you haven’t thought of yet. From checking your credit report to going paperless, there are tons of ideas to save money in Spring!

With these posts as inspiration I hope that you’ll be able to save money in Spring and have a fantastic Summer!

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