Ideas On How To Save Money On Laundry

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Saving money any way you can, no matter the amount, is important. Why would you want to wash away your hard earned money due to lack of money saving ideas? Today, I wanted to give you ideas on how to save money on laundry.

These ideas will help you save money in the laundry department. Always remember that no matter the amount of money saved, it will add up. Saving money on laundry will help you reduce the amount you spend on laundry supplies, electricity, and water.

The ideas on how to save money on laundry are endless, and not everyone’s way on saving money on laundry are the same. My point is that what might work for you, might not work for others. These are ideas to help you save money.

Ideas On How To Save Money On Laundry - Learn simple ways to save money on laundry. These ideas will help you save money and reduce your electric bill.Ideas On How To Save Money On Laundry

Wash in full loads – Washing a few garments here and there, instead of washing when you have a full load of wash, is a waste of water, electricity, detergent, you name it! To save money, simply wash full loads.

Use cold water – Laundry detergents are being made to use cold water these days. Using cold water when you do your wash, will help you save money on electricity.

Use the shortest cycle – My laundry machine sometimes scares me because of all the high tech buttons it has! Don’t get me wrong, I love my washing machine and don’t regret purchasing it. That being said, I don’t use every single cycle specified for each garment style. It has bright white, it has color, it has baby, it has sheets; you name the categories, my machine has it. Which is one of my favorite? The quick cycle. It can do the same job (most times) that the 3 hour cycle does. Using the shortest cycle, my machine has available options that reduce the cost of electricity for that load and saves me money.

Air dry your clothing – Besides an electric over (if you have one), a dryer can use the most power in your home. To reduce the cost of your electric bill, air dry your clothing. During the summer time, take advantage of the weather and hang your clothes to dry outside. This will save you money on your electric bill and dryer sheets. This will also keep your laundry room cool during the summer season.

Homemade laundry detergent – My friend, Laurie from The Frugal Farmer, reduced the cost of her laundry by creating her own homemade laundry detergent. If you are interested in making your homemade laundry detergent, they are many recipes out there. You just simply do a Google search on it and you will find different types of homemade laundry detergents. Homemade detergents that contain borax, to powered detergent.

Homemade dryer sheets – Just like homemade detergent, you can make your own dryer sheets. Here’s the latest one I found from

Use less detergent – Some people believe that the more detergent they use, the cleaner their clothes will be. Most of us use way too much detergent, thinking it will make our clothes cleaner. The reality is that we are wasting money, while preventing your laundry machine from working properly. Your clothing will be left feeling soapy, and it might also damage your machine’s sensors.

Keep your machines well maintained – Make sure you remove the lint from your dryer and keep your washer machine clean. This will help the machines to run using less electricity.

Buy generic detergent – Some people are loyal to brands, and others aren’t. I, myself, was one of them and that completely changed the minute I decided to cut down and save money. Believe it or not, store brand detergent are made by leading manufacturers. Don’t believe me head? Research them.

Buy on sale – If you want to save money on detergent and other things, buy them on sale. Stock up when detergent and other laundry products go on sale.

By using these ideas on how to save money on laundry, it will really help you save money. Not only would you be cutting back on laundry essentials, but on other household bills as well. Any amount of money is better than none, and these ideas will surely help you save money on laundry.

What other ideas do you have on how to save money on laundry? Please share it with us.

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