Cheap or Free Exercises and Sports

Getting involved with some sports and exercises can be costly, but thankfully there are also some exercises that are either reasonably priced or close to free (other than the equipment called for). If you have kids, you can point them to these sports and activities to ensure they can take part in exercises less expensive … Read more

Ways to Save Money in Spring

Spring is filled with new beginnings and fresh starts, and it’s the time that everyone starts looking ahead towards summer. While some may be working towards getting bikini ready, are your finances ready? Over the summer there’s so much fun to be had. Barbecues, beach picnics, and vacations are so much fun, but they’re also … Read more

$200 PayPal Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win $200 (via PayPal). Enter the $200 PayPal Giveaway. This giveaway ends October 14,2015.Fall is here and we want to celebrate the season with a little fun!  What could be more fun than winning some extra money?  This Fall Paypal Giveaway for $200 should help cover some of those extra Fall expenses…Halloween candy, costumes, pumpkin patch outings, the ingredients to make smores, weekend getaway to look at the changing leaves, tickets to a football game, evening at a local Haunted House, tickets for a corn maze, Fall craft shows…or maybe an extra date night!  I think you get the picture…there is a lot you can do with an extra $200!  🙂

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