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“Every kid loves to clean, just like every parent loves to clean,” said noone ever. The truth is that like adults, some kids love to clean, and others don’t.  Sadly, cleaning your home is necessary, and having your kids clean doesn’t have to always end in disappointment. With these cleaning hacks for kids, you will be able to keep them away from creating more messes and enjoy cleaning.

The reality is that kids won’t be able to deep clean and stay focused on their cleaning tasks. They won’t be able to do massive cleaning jobs, or use toxic cleaners either. With these cleaning hacks for kids, they will be able to have some fun, be creative, and turn this into a family task.

They will also learn how to reuse items, find multipurpose on some items around the home, and learn some chemical free ways to keep the home clean and safe.

Spring Cleaning Hacks for Kids - Spring cleaning doesn't have to be dull or a job for kids. These spring cleaning hacks for kids will make the job fun and create fun for the entire family.Cleaning Hacks for Kids

Create a kid friendly checklist

Finding cleaning checklists for kids is easy, just simply go to Google and you will find free downloadable printables. From bedroom checklists, to kitchen printable checklists, you will find them all online.

Here are some kid friendly printables we found for you:

Use socks to clean

Unless you have figured out the missing sock mystery in your home, you know you have some old or missing socks around your home. Put these socks to use and put them on both hands of you kid and let them have fun while dusting and cleaning.


Take the time to show your kids the value of giving by getting rid of old clothes and things they don’t need nor use any more. Maybe this will be a good start to planning a yard sale.

Turn it into a science lab

Kids shouldn’t be allowed to use harsh chemicals, and the reality is that many products we use to clean our home are not safe. To keep your kids safe, use safe homemade cleaning solutions to clean windows or surfaces in the home.

Natural window cleaner – mix equal parts vinegar and warm water

Use kid-sized cleaning tools

Let them have fun with their own kid-sized cleaning tool. A tiny broom will do the job as well as the big broom.

Pretend play is OK

Let them dress up and pretend play while they get their cleaning done.

Make it a game

Let them make cleaning into a game. Use a timer and play against the clock or see who cleans up their toys the fastest.

The art of using something that they thought was meant for something else

Use other items in your home they thought were meant for something else, like dryer sheets to remove scrub from the tub. They will be so surprised and amazed by this new find that the task will get done… we hope.

Another item they can use is rubber gloves to pick up pet hairs from your upholstery.

Clean up your art work

Kids love to color, and sometimes they really show how much they love to color on surfaces and walls. Let them clean it up with baking soda on a damp sponge. If permanent market was used, rubbing alcohol will remove it from walls and other surfaces.

Old toothbrushes to clean tiles

Have your kids use their old toothbrush to help clean tiles around the home.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a terrible thing for kids at all. Imagination and fun will be so beneficial to help with their cleaning tasks. These cleaning hacks for kids will not only get the job done, but it will create some fun and an understanding of reusing old things, finding multipurpose for items around the home, while keeping them safe from harsh chemicals.

What other cleaning hack for kids do you use in your home?

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