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Want to try something new with your salads? Try making crab salad no mayo recipes. It’s great if you want a lighter option or just want to change things up from the usual creamy salads. These recipes have lots of tasty flavors and textures, from tangy citrus dressings to herby vinaigrettes.

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Enjoy the sweet taste of crab with crunchy veggies, yummy herbs, and tangy sauces. You can use different types of crab meat, like lump or claw, to make these salads. They’re perfect for a fancy party, a picnic, or a simple lunch.

Let’s explore all the delicious crab salad recipes together. They’ll make your meals more exciting and tasty!

What does crab salad contain?

Crab salad typically contains a combination of crab meat and various other ingredients to enhance its flavor, texture, and nutritional value. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Crab Meat

The star ingredient can be either fresh or canned crab meat. Lump crab meat is often preferred for its large, tender chunks, while claw meat offers a richer flavor.


Common vegetables used in crab salad include:

  • Celery: Adds a crunchy texture and a subtle, refreshing flavor.
  • Bell Peppers: Provides vibrant color and a slightly sweet taste.
  • Cucumber: Adds crispness and freshness.
  • Red Onion: Offers a sharp, tangy flavor that compliments the sweetness of crab meat.
  • Avocado: Creamy texture and a buttery flavor that pairs well with crab.


Fresh herbs like parsley, dill, chives, or cilantro are often used to add brightness and freshness to the salad.


The dressing can vary, but it usually includes:

  • Citrus Juice: Lemon, lime, or orange juice adds acidity and brightness.
  • Olive Oil: Provides richness and helps bind the ingredients together.
  • Seasonings: Salt, pepper, and sometimes spices like paprika or Old Bay seasoning for additional flavor.

Optional Ingredients

Depending on the recipe and personal preferences, other ingredients may include:

  • Mayonnaise Substitute: Instead of mayo, some recipes use alternatives like Greek yogurt, sour cream, or avocado for creaminess.
  • Fruits: Adding fruits like mango, pineapple, or grapes can add a touch of sweetness and contrast to the savory flavors.
  • Nuts: Toasted almonds, pecans, or walnuts can provide crunch and nuttiness.
  • Spices: Garlic, mustard, or hot sauce can be used to add complexity and heat to the dressing.

Is crab salad good for you?

Crab salad can be good for you when made with nutritious ingredients and served in moderation. Crab meat is low in fat and calories but high in protein, making it a great option for those looking to maintain or build muscle mass. It’s also a good source of essential nutrients like vitamin B12, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for heart health, cognitive function, and immune support.

What is a substitute for crabmeat?

A popular substitute for crab meat in recipes is imitation crab, also known as surimi. Made from a combination of fish, typically pollock, and other ingredients like starch, egg whites, and flavorings, imitation crab has a similar texture and appearance to real crab meat. 

It’s widely available in supermarkets and often used as a more affordable alternative in dishes like crab salad, crab cakes, and sushi rolls. However, for those looking for non-seafood alternatives, shredded cooked chicken or shredded jackfruit can be used as substitutes for crab meat in certain recipes, providing a different texture and flavor profile.

Crab salad no mayo recipes

Here are crab salads with no mayo recipes that you should try.

Summer Crab Salad

Enjoy the freshness of summer with this yummy crab salad. It’s full of tasty ingredients like crab meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs. The dressing is made with lemon and basil, giving it a zesty kick. Since there’s no mayo, you can really taste the sweetness of the crab!

Easy Crab Salad 

Here’s a simple and delightful crab salad recipe packed with flavor. It features juicy crab meat, a creamy texture, and a refreshing touch of lemon juice. Fresh herbs bring a burst of natural flavor, and adding Greek yogurt makes it a wholesome and light choice.

Crab Salad – No Mayonnaise

Create this quick and mayo-free crab salad in just a few minutes! This adaptable crab dish works perfectly as a simple party appetizer, a nutritious addition to salads, or a light meal option.

Healthy Crab Salad with Greek Yogurt

Try this amazing healthy crab salad with Greek yogurt recipe, it’s tasty and doesn’t use mayo! Packed with fresh flavors and healthy ingredients, it’s simple yet delicious. With juicy crab meat as the star, mixed with colorful veggies and tasty herbs, each bite is a treat. The light dressing adds a zesty kick, making you want more with every mouthful. 

Imitation Crab Salad

Indulge in this tasty imitation crab salad that’s both nutritious and budget-friendly! Made with yogurt, sour cream, and fresh herbs, this crab salad is bursting with flavor. Enjoy it as an open-faced crab roll on potato bread for a playful twist, or serve it as a dip alongside buttery crackers for a delightful snack.

Crab Salad Lettuce Cups

Savor these crab salad lettuce cups without mayo. They’re ideal for brunch or a leisurely weekend lunch. Plus, this recipe is dairy-free, gluten-free, and suitable for those following a Paleo diet.

Avocado and Lump Crab Salad

Savor this refreshing stuffed avocado filled with lump crab salad. It’s a light and vibrant dish featuring zesty lime juice, fragrant olive oil, fresh cilantro, and red onion. Plus, it’s super quick to prepare since there’s no need for cooking!

Crab and Shrimp Seafood Cobb Salad

Get ready for a flavor-packed journey with this delicious crab and shrimp seafood cobb salad. It’s a mix of tasty ingredients that’ll make your taste buds dance. You’ll enjoy juicy shrimp, tender crab, crunchy lettuce, ripe tomatoes, creamy avocado, and crispy bacon all in one bowl. 

Crab and Balsamic Strawberries Salad

This crab and balsamic strawberries salad tastes amazing with its mix of salty, sweet, and tangy flavors. It’s great for a hot summer day. And if you’re in the southern hemisphere and it’s winter, don’t worry! You will really like this because crab meat goes well with lots of different foods like spices, herbs, oils, grains, bread, potatoes, fruit, and more!

Crab Salad with Popped Quinoa and Tarragon Dressing

Try this exciting crab salad with popped quinoa and tarragon dressing! Imagine tasty crab meat mixed with crunchy greens, all coated in a tangy tarragon dressing. Plus, there’s popped quinoa for an extra crispy touch. Every bite is a mix of flavors and textures that make this salad special. 

Crab Quinoa Salad with Lemon Butter

Try out this delicious crab quinoa salad with lemon butter! Think about tasty crab meat, fluffy quinoa, and crunchy veggies, all mixed with a yummy lemon butter dressing that gives it a tangy flavor. This salad is a mix of different tastes and textures that go together perfectly. 

Crab, Apple & Pomegranate Salad

With crab, apple, and pomegranate salad you’ve got the crab meat, all soft and tasty. Then there’s the crispy apple, adding a fresh crunch to every mouthful. And don’t forget the pomegranate seeds—they’re like little bursts of tart sweetness that make the salad extra special.

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