Wednesday Night Dinner Ideas

Delicious potato dinner served on a table.

Searching for dinner ideas on a Wednesday night can be tricky. After all, it’s hump day – the middle of the week – and already you may be feeling the exhaustion of the work week. But don’t worry! Whether you’re looking to make something quick and easy or want to whip up something special, plenty … Read more

Sparkling Blueberry Maple Lemonade

A drink so refreshing with a subtle happy note! To cool off on a hot day or to have something to enjoy at parties, try this Sparkling Blueberry Maple Lemonade recipe. The simple syrup for this recipe contains a hint of real maple syrup and gives a touch of rich maple taste without dominating the … Read more

Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies are a classic treat that everyone I know loves and enjoys. These cookies can be made ahead of time, scooped, and then frozen when you are ready to use!  These chocolate chip walnut cookies are to die for! Bursting with melty chocolate and nutty walnuts, these are the perfect combination of … Read more

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