Transition Tips for Easing Back into Homeschooling

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If you have chosen to homeschool you know it wasn’t an easy decision. So, after you’ve done the year and had a wonderful summer vacation getting back into the swing of things may be difficult for some!

I know my oldest is somewhat dreading the day we start back up again, but I’ve come up with some great ways to ease the transition back into homeschooling to make it a bit more manageable for him (and for me!) Maybe you can find these to be useful for you as well!

Easing Back into Homeschooling

KIDS – Create a Bedtime Routine a few Weeks Before the Big Day:

Bedtime during school is earlier than it is in the summertime. So moving the bedtime routine up by 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and then a hour slowly over a week or two period helps create a routine and get kids back into going to bed early, and getting enough rest for the shift back into schooling.

HOMESCHOOLER – Meal and Snack Plan:

Sitting down and creating a meal plan and snack plan for each week can not only cut down on time wasted wondering what to make but it can also give you a chance to create make ahead meals and snacks, freeze them or just pre-cut and have ready to go. It also cuts down on grocery bills, and having to run out to the store at the last minute for anything you may be missing.

KIDS – Create a School Calendar with Your Child & Take Their Inputs into Consideration:

It’s important to figure out what the days ahead will consist of, and what the schedule will look like before the start of the school year. Having the kids prepared, and know what’s expected of them is also a good idea so adding a thoughts page, or sheet to a work book or school calendar is also a great idea. Ask your kids if there is anything speical they would like to learn, or explore this year and see what you can do about it in time.

HOMESCHOOLER – Research, Plan and Schedule

If you are thinking of taking any field trips this school year it’s a great idea to plan ahead, research and schedule as early as possible. Leaving things until the last minute may be a disappointment. Planning and Scheduling any trips as early as possible also gives you a chance to work around the trips, arrange for special assignments or work sheets to lead up to the big trip and get the kids excited for whats upcoming!


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