Spooky Halloween To Do List: Free Printable

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As it gets closer to Halloween, I am realizing just how much there is to do and it is stressing me out. I love cute lists instead of just a scrap of paper, so I am sharing my Super Spooky Halloween To Do List free printable, and also a list of things I have to do. Be sure to print the list and let me know what I missed in my To Do’s – I’m sure I am missing a few things.

Spooky Halloween To List: Free Printable

Download the Free Printable by clicking this link and saving the file to your computer.

The To Do list is Black and White so it stays super spooky and also plays nice with your printer. Feel free to print it for yourself as many times as you would like. If you want to share it with a friend, please have them sotp by and download it for themselves. They might find something else they like while they’re here!

Things to put on your To Do list:

  1. Buy/Make costumes for the kids
  2. Buy/Make costumes for the adults
  3. Buy candy or non-candy items to hand out
  4. Find a bowl for Halloween give away items
  5. Buy decorations
  6. Hunt for decorations at a thrift store
  7. Ask family and friends for hand me down decorations
  8. Decorate the outside of the house
  9. Decorate the inside of the house
  10. Plan the Halloween route of house to visit
  11. Plan the night’s activities (such as visiting the grandparents)
  12. Schedule time for pictures
  13. Plan a Halloween craft for the kids
  14. Schedule in pumpkin picking
  15. Schedule pumpkin carving/decorating

Here are a few ideas for kids Halloween crafts that might be fun:


Mummy Crafts for Kids


Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Is that is? I know I am missing a few things on my list. What other things are you putting on your list?

Don’t forget to download the free printable Spooky Halloween To Do List by clicking this link and saving it to your computer.

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