Simple Seafood Salad Sandwich (Quick & Easy Lunch)

Simple Seafood Salad Sandwich -- DELICIOUS!

Many of us are looking for a quick and easy lunch that doesn’t take too much time but is still healthy. This Seafood Salad Sandwich recipe fits the bill perfectly with its simple ingredients and ease of preparation. The salad also tastes great on hot dog buns! Simple Seafood Salad Sandwich cooked seafood, such as … Read more

Energy-Boosting Foods

Wake up and smell real energy-boosting foods that work better than coffee!  Sometimes when we wake up in the morning, whether it is weekend or a workday, most of us can’t seem to get started unless we’ve had our energy-shot for the day, and that comes from our coffee, right? That’s what we’ve been counting … Read more

Mini-Pumpkin with Salted-Caramel Crunch Topping

These little mini-pumpkin cheesecakes are a crowd favorite because they look almost as good as they taste! For a little extra “sparkle,” top each cheesecake with some pre-made salted-caramel crunch. If you can’t find any in your local grocery store, you can order some online here: Festival Salted-Caramel Crunch 24-cup Mini-Muffin Tin You can also … Read more

6 Timeless Garden Decor Practices

6 Timeless Garden Decor Practices Let’s talk about garden décor practices and get to know 6 essential tips to help you out, shall we? If you are you looking for a way to add to your garden decor? This is for you! If you want something everlasting, nature-based or stylized? This post is for you! … Read more

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