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When you’re going grocery shopping, you probably already know that you need to be selective with what you’re getting and how long you’re planning on staying out. If you’re buying ice cream or even easily spoiled deli meats, then you know it’s a bad idea to run additional errands while you’re out. This can all be fairly inconvenient because you have to base your schedule and driving route solely on the food that you buy.  The same goes for long drives, like heading to a potluck in a different area or a holiday dinner. Even if you’re going on a road trip, you’ll need to be cautious. 

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In general, your car, regardless of where you bought it from, will need some preparations. So, with that said, how can you make sure that your perishables and dishes you made stay fresh and safe to eat while you’re out on the road transporting them? Well, here’s what you need to know! 

Bring Insulated Bags and Coolers with You

Some people already know how to do this, others might not have ever thought about it. Usually, coolers and bags tend to equal picnics and barbeques, not groceries or transporting food to special events that aren’t outdoor-related. So, you should just go ahead and invest in a good-quality insulated bag or cooler to create a portable refrigerator for your car. 

These bags are designed to maintain temperature for an extended period and are an excellent solution for keeping perishables cool during your journey. You could also opt for insulated bags with a zipper or cooler boxes that are easy to transport. But for the most part, it’s a good idea to have something cold in it to ensure the temperature is regulated (doesn’t need to be ice, but it helps). 

Plan Your Travel

Honestly, you need to have a good car! It’s not just about the route; even the car can make an impact on the freshness of your food (to a degree). For example, you need to drive fairly far, like two or three hours, to go to a loved one for a celebration- like a Christmas meal. 

Well, if your car is slow or breaks down, then this is clearly a problem. Honestly, if you need a new car, then it’s best to start looking into Edmunds for the right car. It’s not just about the food itself when you’re traveling, whether it be errands or special occasions, but a bad and nearly broken down car really does get in the way. 

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Park Strategically

So, when parking your car, choose a shaded area if possible. This helps reduce the impact of the sun’s heat on your vehicle and keeps the interior cooler. Additionally, crack open the windows slightly to allow ventilation, preventing the accumulation of heat inside the car.

Have Extra Insulation

Ideally, you’ll want to provide an extra layer of insulation by covering your cooler with blankets or towels. This helps to trap the cold air inside and prevents external heat from affecting your perishables. If your car has a trunk, place the cooler there for additional shade and insulation.

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