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Scrapbooking may have become something of a lost art form in recent years. After all, most people now document their lives on social media. Nonetheless, there is something special about the traditional approach of building a scrapbook. It’s a far more hands-on endeavour and is just for your family rather than the benefit of your followers.

However, scrapbooking can only be successful if you’re consistent. To make that happen, it needs to be fun for your child(ren). Focus on the following five tips, and you won’t go far wrong.

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#1. Add some personalised embellishments 

Scrapbooks have many advantages over digital creations. Crucially, it is a chance to use an array of different materials and embellishments to create a truly unique vibe. A professional sticker printer can help you design embossed or clear vinyl stickers to spice up the pages. Meanwhile, fancy tape can make the pages more engaging. 

The front cover will be particularly important. Let your child(ren) pick the perfect materials to decorate this, which could include adding a keepsake from their favourite memory. 

#2. Get great at taking photos 

A good scrapbook will include various items. This includes drawings, written words, and mementos collected from adventures. However, a picture paints a thousand words, which is why photos will remain the star of the show. Candidly capturing family moments will ensure that your scrapbook pages look amazing. It’ll also improve your social media pages.

For a retro vibe, you could print photos onto Polaroid photo paper. Alternatively, buying a disposable camera and having photos developed is a stunning option.

#3. Have scrapbooking essentials ready

If you want to keep scrapbooking fun for your kid(s), having materials ready is vital. There is nothing worse than preparing for a scrapbook update and then waiting half an hour while mum and dad get the materials out. You should keep all materials in one place so that they can be set up with ease. This simple move also removes the threat of losing items.

When time is spent actively scrapbooking, kids will find it easier to concentrate. So, the drawings and collages that they produce will be far better. 

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#4. Enjoy adventures

An aesthetically beautiful scrapbook is one thing. Ultimately, though, its purpose is to record magical family memories and achievements. Therefore, taking the time to enjoy camping trips, days out, and other adventures is key. This will ensure that you have better content for the scrapbook while also boosting your quality of life. 

Youngsters will naturally become more excited about family adventures as well as filling up pages in the scrapbook. 

#5. Be an active parent

If you truly want scrapbooking to be a fun family activity, you need to be an active participant. Your child(ren) will enjoy the crafting far more when it is combined with time together. It’s also a chance to reminisce about the adventures you’re recording. Besides, it means you can help your child with the more difficult crafting tasks.

This could become a weekly/monthly habit or a spontaneous activity when you’re bored. Either way, you will get far more out of it.

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