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You’re thinking about emigrating somewhere as a family. Maybe a new job opportunity has come up overseas or perhaps you no longer like where you’re living. It’s one of the biggest family decisions you’ll make – but is it the right one? Some families move abroad and love the decision while others can regret it. Amidst the many considerations when considering a move like this, you can’t neglect some key things specifically related to your children and family. We’ve listed three for you to go through and mull over if moving abroad is currently on your mind. 

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How will a move affect your relationship with other family members?

Something many families don’t consider is how moving abroad affects their relationship with other close family members. Is it wise to move yourself and your kids away from their grandparents, cousins, etc? Being able to rely on nearby grandparents is so helpful when you need a break or don’t want to pay for childcare. 

When you’re thousands of miles away, how does this change things? You could grow further apart, but you could also deny your parents the chance to see their grandkids. Is this fair? Some families might be okay with this while others could feel a bit of resentment for years to come. 

How will moving impact your children’s education?

You need to think about protecting your child’s future when moving abroad. How will this move affect their education? You might be pulling them out of school and taking them to a country with a worse education system. Or, you’re moving them to a place where English isn’t the primary language. 

Yes, you should be able to find a good international school, but can you afford the fees? We’d go as far as to say moving abroad should never be considered unless you have assurances that your child’s education won’t be harmed. Who knows, moving someplace new could give your kids a higher standard of education – it depends on where you’re going! 

How will a move affect your child’s social life?

As well as worrying about their education, you should consider your child’s social life. Are you tearing them away from friends they’ve known for years? Thrusting a child into a new country with no friends can be a devastating experience for them. They may suffer from social anxiety and might struggle to make new friends due to cultural differences, language barriers, and who knows what else. 

Ironically, moving when your children are very young is better than when they’re midway through Elementary school. They haven’t had time to build up long-lasting friendships and are still in a stage where social interactions aren’t scary to them. But, moving teens abroad can be very harmful to their social life and mental health. 

It’s a balancing act, but you must ensure the balance is right before moving abroad. The best approach is to talk to your family. Speak with close family members about the possibility of moving away and how they feel about it. Consider what you lose if you’re away from relatives. Talk to your kids if they’re old enough and weigh up if a move is worth it. Sometimes, it’s better to wait until you have an empty nest! 

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