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Is your little one’s birthday getting closer? Are you wondering what to do for their birthday? If you’ve ever planned a birthday party for your kids before, you’ll know all too well how hectic it can get. The idea of having lots of kids running around is enough to give even the most organized parent a migraine. But it doesn’t have to be as crazy as you think.

With the right planning, it’s perfectly possible to plan a children’s party that’s going to be fun for the kids and adults alike. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

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Use disposable cameras

There’s nothing better than seeing the look of pure joy on your child’s face, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to capture some of those moments on film. While you could use your smartphone to take photos and videos of their party, why not try disposable cameras?

Have family and friends take photos by leaving a few on each table, and you could even give some to the children to see the party through their eyes. Sure, some might be blurry, but they will be more authentic than forced photos of your children enjoying their birthday.

Stick to a theme

A great way of making your child’s birthday party more memorable is by setting a theme. Do they love Minecraft? Why not decorate with party supplies in the theme of a Creeper? Encourage the children to wear something with Minecraft on or dress up as something they love from the beloved game.

You could also get a themed birthday cake to really tie everything together. Going back to the idea of photographs, you could find some Minecraft props for the children to pose with while taking photos!

Hire a character

If a theme is a little too broad, then you could consider hiring a character to attend your child’s birthday party. Does your daughter love Elsa? Why not hire someone to come in and give the kids a chance to meet their favorite animated character?

Not only will the kids revel in it, but it will also give them another source of fun to enjoy and keep them occupied at the party. If there are songs that are associated with that character, make sure you have a playlist ready, so the kids (and adults) can sing their hearts out.

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Get them outside (if possible)

One of the great things about children’s birthday parties is that it gives the kids a chance to run around and play together. As a parent, this can be a lifesaver because the kids have had lots of fun and lots of chances to get rid of any pent up energy. While there may be cake and other delicious treats at the party, wherever possible, you should try and encourage the kids to play outside.

Fresh air, running, and plenty of activities like musical chairs or pass the parcel are exactly what they need to enjoy a memorable party. Just remember to have enough adults on board to keep an eye on everyone!

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