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When your children make the switch from middle school to high school, it’s not necessarily going to be easy for them. There are many changes that happen, new faces, new rules, and there always seems to be more homework. Do you remember going to high school and getting homework on the first day and being in shock? How could they do that? It’s the first day, don’t you get a break? Your kids are going to think the same thing.

Have a child starting high school this year? These Transition Tips for Children Starting High School will help you and your child during this first days of school.

Transition Tips for Children Starting High School

There are some ways that you can help them get through the new stresses that they are going to go through.

They need a support system.

You don’t want to pry into their lives, at least not unless necessary, and you want them to have everyday freedoms, but they might be going through some rough times. With the stress that comes with trying to balance school, sports, activities, and their personal life, there are going to be times that they don’t know which way to turn. You need to be there for them. Don’t be pushy about it, but let them know that if they need you, you are there for them. Sure, they have friends, and teachers, and mentors, but ultimately your parents are the ones that raised you and ultimately will know best.

Stay involved.

If your children participate in extracurricular activities, make sure that you are there for them. Cheering them on no matter what they are doing. When they know someone is there for them they are more likely to make better choices in life, especially high school. Keep up with what they are doing in school, ask them about their classes. Again, don’t push it, if they aren’t in a good mood that day, leave it at that. But if they have finals coming up, and need help with something or maybe a little time away from the books, take them out for a while, help them get back on track. Sometimes they need a little push.

Keep them informed.

There are SO many teens out there who don’t know anything about college, they don’t know what they want to do, they have no idea what they are going to do with the rest of their life, but high school is the place that they need to start making those decisions. Keep them informed about what they should be doing for college. Many high schools do this, but parents can also pitch in with information. Let them know if you are planning on paying for college, they might be fearing they have to pay for it all on their own and it might make them decide against larger schools. Let them know that you are okay with them staying at home while they go to school, and you don’t mind if they want to go out of state. Whatever your plan is for them, let them know that so that you are on the same page or can make adjustments before the time comes that they need to actually apply.

They also need to think about these things because often times you can choose classes in high school that will benefit you in college and they will need to pick out classes before getting to high school. Many middle and high schools have them make a three or four year plan before entering high school, are they ready for that? Have you talked about what they want to do? Keep them informed about what they could do to make the transition easier for them.

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