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* The Happy Home Life is a collaborative project between a group of parenting and lifestyle bloggers. After coming together in a blogging tribe, we decided that one of our group projects would be starting a blog together. As moms and bloggers, we’re already fully aware that running a blog can be quite time consuming. However, we felt that with our combined efforts we would be able to produce a top quality blog that would provide helpful and useful content for our audience.

* The purpose of The Happy Home Life is to provide resources and inspiration to create a happy home life- however you might define it.

For contributing blogger Joyce, a happy home life means: Fun, unpredictable, memorable.

For tribe member Aimee, a happy home life means: Family, fun filled life.

For contributing blogger Jamie, a happy home life means: Living in the moment, enjoying the life you are given, being thankful for what you have.

For tribe member Kristi, a happy home life means: Bedtime.

For contributing blogger Kristen, a happy home life means: Balance between your life, your marriage and your children.

For contributing blogger Ashleigh, a happy home life means: Overcoming obstacles for the love of your family and fulfilling future

For contributing blogger Michelle, a happy home life means: living a fulfilling and happy family life in spite of sometimes challenging circumstances/whatever life throws at you.

Meet the Blogging Team

Ashleigh – Living Off Love and Coffee

Western NY mom. Ashleigh is a millennial work-from-home mother to 2 boys (4 and 1, one who has sensory processing disorder). When she’s not working on her blog or running social media for Comodynes she likes to practice photography and experiment with makeup. This summer she is exploring her greenthumb as well as traveling with her family for the first time.

Growing up, Ashleigh wanted to be a professional wrestler.

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Donella – Gluesticks and Gumdrops

Donella is a work at home mom to one amazing little boy and the proud wife of a deputy. She works as a content provider and VA, and when she’s not at the computer, she’s reading, taking pictures or spending time outside with her family.

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Jamie – Life Is Sweeter By Design

Jamie is a busy, married, mother of four from a small town in Kansas.  She is a registered nurse who works part-time outside the home.  The rest of her days are spent blogging, chasing around her four kids ages 2, 9,13, and 17, scrapbooking, cooking, reading, traveling, trying out DIY and more!  She is working hard to recapture the JOY in life!

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Jeanine – Six Time Mommy

Jeanine is a married, mom to 6 kiddos (ages 1-11) from Toronto, Canada. She loves everything there is about kids and babies. She spends her days homeschooling her kids, working on her blog and hanging out with her loved ones (both human and furry) She loves helping others, being a brand ambassador and being able to stay home with her kids while working from home on her blog.

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Joyce – My Stay At Home Adventures


Joyce is a stay at home mom of 3 (17, 4, and 2), married to wonderful man, who loves finances and eliminating debt.  Years ago Joyce decided that she will not let money control her or her life and decided to start eliminating her debt. She is now debt free (except the house) and trying to find a way of living a simple life.

Growing up, Joyce wanted to be a business woman… because it was all about the shoulder pads.

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Kori – Just Another Mom

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Albany, NY mom blogger, Kori is a stay at home mom of 3 (two teenagers and a toddler). When she’s not blogging, she enjoys watching Jeopardy, Chopped, crafts, scrapbooking, cooking, and spending time with her family. An avid reader and self proclaimed movie buff, Kori is also a bit of a kid at heart with a big love for anything Disney.

Growing up, Kori wanted to be a marine biologist, a cowgirl, or a zoo veterinarian.

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Kristen – Practical Mommy


Kristen is a 30-something Mommy to 2 darling girls- 3 year old Jordan and 1 year old Madeline. She loves reading, writing, trying new beers with her husband, and binge watching series on Netflix. She is a Working Mom, Work at Home Mom and weekend Stay at Home Mom. You can find her on her favorite social networks Pinterest and Facebook.

Growing up, Kristen wanted to be a children’s book author- and this is still on her list!

You can read Kristen’s top five favorite posts from her blog here:

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Michelle – Dishes and Dust Bunnies


Michelle is a stay at home mom and blogger with a passion for home cooking, crafting and living frugally. She grew up in the rural countryside of East Coast Canada and now lives in the big city of Toronto with her husband and son. When Michelle isn’t blogging and taking care of her mommy duties, you can find her trying to satisfy her unending quest for new films and music.

Growing up, Michelle wanted to be an archaeologist or an Egyptologist.

Read Michelle’s top five favorite posts from her blog here:

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